The companys history can be traced back to the date long before the first Seven Ocean drinks were produced.

1996: A Good Start

Demidovskaya Group launched its first range of carbonated soft drinks. Every year, technologies were getting more advanced and the product range was growing larger.

2009:A Brilliant Idea!

The production capacity available at that time was evidently insufficient to unlock the companys great potential. Thats when an idea was born to construct a production plant to produce natural juice drinks and sugary drinks free of any food colours and preservatives.

2010: Sticking to the Plan

A new hi-tech industrial complex that was planned to be constructed in Tula was supposed to become a major investment project.

2011: Said and Done

In December 2011, the production unit was put into trial operation and the first batch of Seven Ocean drinks was bottled. To achieve its ambitious goals, the company involved Italian experts into the plant design and construction process, including installation and start-up operations.

Its a Fact!The name Seven Ocean was not picked by chance. It reveals the production concept perfectly. Ocean is the largest water body on Earth, a mesmerizing element of great power. A powerful production unit of Seven Ocean produces a wide range of drinks with a breathtaking, powerful taste. Number 7 is symbolic in many ways, but in our case its a symbol of a new, hitherto unknown element the element of flavour.

2012: Take-off Strip

First products launched in January: Seven Ocean iced teaand10% juice drinks

Within a year, the product range was extended up to 7 SKUs with Acappella 100% juices and nectars, non-carbonated soft drinks Ocean Sport,Phytotonics,Seven Ocean fruit drinks as well as exoticMANGOmania nectars.

The productivity reached 500,000 bottles per month.

The start-up of Seven Ocean production plant in Tula was a meaningful event for the region. First of all, the company provided dozens of jobs to the people of Tula Region.

Apart from contributing to the employment rate, Seven Ocean got engaged in charity campaigns, sponsored cultural events and presented Tula at business events, such as an international trade fair Prod-Expo 2012 where the companys drinks were granted special awards in the Best Product category.

The great results achieved by the production unit of Seven Ocean within just a year have proven that the company has chosen the right direction in its development and is ready to add another achievement to its history by sticking to the principle: Think of the future to leave your mark in the past.