Product quality is our top priority

Seven Ocean pays great attention to where its products come from.

Water — in the heart of a drink

  • The water for our drinks is sourced from our own artesian well.
  • The artesian well is safely protected from sewage and rainwater.
  • The water quality is monitored on an ongoing basis.
  • Water composition has constant characteristics.

Like berry, like drink

  • Our partners are reliable, reputable manufacturers of fruit-and-berry and vegetable products.
  • Our suppliers guarantee safety, naturalness and perfect taste of the products they supply.
  • The ingredients we use in our products are of premium quality.
  • The main suppliers of fruit-and-berry and vegetable ingredients are the Russian companies Vologodskaya Yagoda and Sun Fruit as well as the industry leaders from abroad: Dohler and WILD.

Equipment, technology and transport

  • The equipment at Seven Ocean’s production unit is completely automated.
  • The equipment is produced by the leading German and Italian manufacturers.
  • The hot filling technology implemented at our production unit ensures that our products can be produced without using food preservatives or artificial food colours.
  • The in-house lab ensures day-to-day quality control at every production stage, including chemical and microbiological testing.
  • The total production and warehouse area of Demidovskaya and Seven Ocean companies is 15,000 square meters.
  • Our own vehicle fleet includes trucks of various capacity, from 1.5 up to 20 tons.

Thus, the company has established a favourable production environment to ensure the highest level of quality and the widest product range which makes it possible for Seven Ocean to satisfy every need of its consumers.