Quality control

The innovative technology ensures optimization of the production processes and the premium quality of the produced juices and drinks retaining all of their valuable nutrients throughout their shelf-life

Quality of the finished products is thoroughly checked in the in-house lab furnished with all of the necessary state-of-the-art equipment.

The production lab consists of two units:

  • microbiological testing unit.
  • physical-and-chemical testing unit.

The microbiological unit has passed sanitary and epidemiological certification to work with type IV pathogenic bacteria.

The consistent quality control, starting from the quality of raw materials and auxiliary substances to the quality of finished products, including the production process control, makes it possible to manage the production process properly, paying special attention to the "blind sides".

Thanks to the well-structured system, the products of our brands are always in line with the quality standards as set by GOST and by our corporate standards.

Expert technologists of our company develop new product recipes as well as fine-tune and improve organoleptic qualities of our products together with the leading specialists of foreign companies such as suppliers of premium raw materials and food ingredients Dohler and Wild.

Product Certificates