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1. Brand

Seven Ocean’s production plant of has been producing juices and juice drinks since February 2012. Our main business is production and sale of soft drinks and juices in the Russian Federation. By June 2012, after only five months of operation, five product ranges including 34 SKUs have been launched to the market. The sales geography is currently covering 25 regions of Russia.

Seven Ocean is committed to development of its regional distribution network.

2. Pricing

Our products belong to the mid-range price segment.

We offer flexible pricing and product range policies to our distributors to ensure mutually beneficial partnership.

3. Product Quality

All our drinks are safe, natural products bottled using hot filling technology and free of any artificial food colours and preservatives. Our certified in-house production lab and as well as the rigid and consistent quality control ensure premium quality of our products.

4. Logistics

Thanks to our own vehicle fleet, we can ensure reliable delivery of our products all around Russia.

5. Assistance in Promotion

  • Advertising and other types of promotion assistance
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Credit facility
  • Custom-tailored approach

6. Summary

If you stake on us, you gain an efficient and profitable system. We work shoulder to shoulder with our partners: our goodwill and stability are growing together with yours!

7. Sales Geography

8. To become our distributor, please

  • connect Regional Manager of our company;
  • provide us with your detailed company profile;
  • sign a contract with our company;
  • promote our products in the Russian market.

Regional Manager:
Alexey V. Teterin
81 Odoevskoe Shosse, Tula, 300036, Russia
tel.: +7 (4872) 37-66-53, 39-14-12 (ext. 273)
e-mail: teterinav@demidovskaya.ru