Seven Oceanoffers partnership options within the scope of contract manufacturing and is ready to provide two types of product filling services.

Private Label PL (Private Label) Services — drinks are produced under the customer’s formulation, in accordance with the standards and requirements as established in product specifications. I.e., all that our customer has to do is develop and promote its product while Seven Ocean undertakes all the production- and packaging-related operations.
Copacking / Contract Packing Services Seven Ocean fills the products produced by its production plant under the customers trademark. In this case, the customers role is reduced, as it can use not only production facilities but also exclusive product formulations provided by the manufacturer.

The outsourcing services offered by Seven Ocean may be interesting for:

  • companies that have a brand but have no production capacities to produce drinks individually;
  • manufacturers who use a certain packaging solution to fill their products but would like to produce their drinks inglassandPETbottles as well;
  • large distributors willing to produce and promote a private label product;
  • companies wishing to test a new brand, so they need a small output of the finished products.

Contract manufacturing has proven to be one of the most beneficial partnership forms in the global business practice. Its beneficial for a customer to have Private Label production and copacking services outsourced because:

  • the customer may focus its resources on marketing and sales exclusively;
  • direct costs within the cost structure are reduced;
  • product quality management doesnt require any complicated solutions;
  • there is no need to develop and improve any sophisticated production technologies;
  • the interaction with suppliers of raw products and materials passes on to the manufacturer.

You should remember that outsourcing implies certain risks, so you you should choose your partner carefully. Seven Ocean ensures fulfillment of its obligations and is ready to provide the mostcomfortable partnership terms and conditions.