"Seven Ocean" Compote

Traditional Russian and Eastern Europe's the dried fruit compote considered to be a festive drink, prepared for the Christmas Eve. Nowadays you shouldn’t look for a reason to treat the family and friends with something tasty and healthy. That’s why "Seven Ocean" company produced a range of the compotes by its own recipe, where the classical compote ingredients (apple, pear, dried apricots, prune) and modern production technologies are combined.

"Seven Ocean" compotes are made of natural dried fruit, thus they have delicate taste inherent to the true dessert beverages.

"Seven Ocean" compotes will give freshness in summer and become a perfect supplement to winter evenings, warming by hot taste and aroma of natural fruits that absorbed the sun rays of nice summer days.

"Seven Ocean" compotes are products for people who don’t want to quiver between delight and wealth as drinks are produced without food additives and artificial coloring agents, giving delight with the light fruit taste.